We Are The Rebels.
The Misfits.

They say a bunch of motivated like-minded guys makes the best team.
Well, we are not that, atleast not all like-minded - and not all guys either.

Essentially Us

Hell Yeah! We aren’t all like-minded, where’s the fun in that?

A bunch of college geeks each excelling (or at least trying to) in a different sphere of life, motivated AF to make the biggest fest of the Himalayas #TheBestEver, to create an enthralling, an amazing and an unforgettable memory for all of us set amidst the most serene, picturesque and mesmerizing campus environment.

... and Exodia

Exodia, a cultural-cum-technical festival hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, is all set to be pulled off this summer, from 6th to 8th April, among the serene mountains and gorgeous valleys of Himachal in the mesmerising Kamand campus of IIT Mandi.

It ain’t just another event, it’s a plethora of activities giving you lifelong of memories - An avenue where fun and frolics go hand in hand with learning, and which by all means, is worth three days of your lifetime. It's an experience like no other.


Every member has a story to tell.

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